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Mithra School of Medical Scribing: PLACEMENT GUARANTEE TERMS

Every student who successfully completes all the 3 levels of Certificate Program in Medical Scribing shall be provided placement as Doctor Ready MS (probationary period), and thereon, after the successful completion of the probationary period, as employees in the designation of Doctor Approved Medical Scribing Specialist with a minimum starting salary of Rs.38,000/- per month. In the event of failing to provide the placement, New Generation Jobs Pvt. Ltd shall refund, 100% of the tuition fee to that student or students.

The Placement Guarantee is based on the terms and conditions mentioned below:

1) In Mithra School of Medical scribing the placement guarantee is valid only for students who successfully complete all the 3 levels of the certification program.

2) The placement guarantee is valid only to those who are found eligible after the following procedures:

  • a) The recruiting partner shall initiate background verification including criminal background verification for the students who successfully complete the first level training program.
  • b) All students are required to provide all documents including but not limited to address proof, identity proof, previous employment, educational certificates, etc. to complete the background verification process.
  • c) All students of Mithra School of Medical Scribing are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) on a stamp paper during their training/advanced training and subsequent employment with Infosense Technologies. The NDA will include a penalty of up to USD 5,000 for breach or violation of HIPAA laws.

What is ASAT (Admissions and Scholarship Assesment Test)?

ASAT is a test to assess the aspirant’s knowledge in english grammar, and if the aspirant is eligible for any scholarship. Irrespective of the result in ASAT, the aspirants have the right to decide if they need to enroll in the program, provided the institute is willing to accept his admission.

What happens to the aspirants who fail to complete the FLC Test in the first attempt?

Every aspirant who fails to complete the FLC Test in the first attempt shall be provided a minimum of 4 additional attempts. However the students may request for more attempts, but they are required to complete all their attempts within 365 days of their first attempt.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS in Mithra Schoool of Medical Scribing in India

1) Ensuring that all fees are paid on or before the announced due dates is the responsibility of the student. Non-payment of the prescribed fees within the due dates will result in the cancellation of the registration to the program/progression to the subsequent levels/denial of access to website login.

2) New Generation Jobs does not accept responsibility and expressly excludes all liability that may result from any loss, damage or injury caused to a student or to the student’s property.

3) Policy regarding refund of course fee: The Medical Scribing course fee has five components: Application fee, Registration cost, Tuition fee, and Examination fee.

  • A) The application Fee is nonrefundable.
  • B) The registration cost is nonrefundable.
  • C) The tuition fee refund is 100% refundable in the event of the student not getting placed. In any other case, the refund of tuition fee is subject to the following criteria:
    • ◈ If a student withdraws from the course prior to its commencement, there shall be a refund of 50 percent of the tuition fee.
    • ◈ If the candidate withdraws from the course within 1 week after the date of commencement of the course (MS), there shall be a refund of 25 percent of the tuition fee.
    • ◈ If a candidate withdraws from the course any time after one week from the date of commencement of the course, no refund of the tuition fee shall be made.