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About Mithra School of Medical Scribing

Mithra school of medical scribing is one of the most promising medical and health care institution in kerala. We are fortunate to have an extraordinarily talented, qualified and experienced group of instructors, with high professional and academic skills in the industry. The academy dispense excellent infrastructure facilities which includes fully furnished luxurious digital classrooms and labs.

Our prime objective centered on the magnanimous future of our students and the institution, so we never show an accommodative attitude on student's attendance. We are stern about the merit of the instructors and service provided to the students. The systematic and well disciplined classes with inflexible teaching standards is one of the unique feature of our institution. We assure a guarantee fortune for our students, they are transformed to be a committed patron for the society. We extend the best availabilities in this field all days. Approach us and traverse it in the finest manner....

About the Program (CPMS)

Certificate Program in Medical Scribing is an industry integrated and job oriented education program

Highlights of CPMS

  • Guaranteed Industry Internship while studying.

  • “Earn while you learn” - Stipends of Rs.69,000.

  • 100% Placement Guarantee.

  • Only 16 seats Per Classroom

  • Minimum Salary of INR 38,000 /- per month

  • Work for US Doctors in real-time

  • Minimum starting monthly salary of Rs.38,000 post on job training.

Certificate Program in Medical Scribing is a 9 months, three level certification program.

Level 1 – Duration tentatively 4 months

The first level requires the student to successfully complete a minimum 616 hours of training at traning School of Medical Scribing, Thodupuzha, in order to be eligible to attempt the first level certification test (FLC Test).

Level 2 – Duration tentatively 2 months

The training for the second level certification happens at the recruiting partner’s facility in Bangalore. During this period, the students shall be paid Rs.12,000/- per month. This level is more criteria based than time based.

Level 3 – Duration tentatively 3 months

This level which is also known as “Shadowing” happens at the recruiting partner’s facility located in Bangalore. The stipends paid to students during this period shall be Rs.15,000/- per month. This final level is also less based on duration and more on criteria.

Note – The students are required to pass the certification test of each level to progress to the next level.
Eligibility – Should have completed 18 years of age.

Benefits of trained as a scribe.

There are several benefits to get trained as a scribe other than career growth and a good remuneration.