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It always seems impossible

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Why study CPMS at School of Medical Scribing?

  • Teaching Excellence

    Industry trained teaching faculty comprising doctor/s

  • Recognition and approval

    Recognized and approved by CPMS India vide cpms1111111IN/2017.
    Affiliated to and certified by New Generation Jobs vide cpms1111111IN /2018.
    Recognized by OG Healthcare, Bangalore.

  • State of The Art Facilities

    Fully Air Conditioned classrooms and labs with audiovisual facilities, uninterrupted power supply and high speed Internet connectivity.

  • Earn while you learn

    Earn stipends of Rs.12000/month in Level 2 and Rs.15000/month in Level 3.

  • Guaranteed Internship.

    Guaranteed Industry Internship while studying.

  • 100% Placement Guarantee with International Doctor Approval

    Every student who successfully completes the program gets placed as an Internationally accepted Medical Scribing Specialist with a minimum starting salary of Rs.38000/month and shall subsequently be approved by US Doctor/s.

Benefits of trained as a scribe.

There are several benefits to get trained as a scribe other than career growth and a good remuneration.


Highlights of CPMS

Guaranteed Industry Internship while studying.
“Earn while you learn” - Stipends of Rs.69,000.
100% Placement Guarantee.
Only 16 seats Per Classroom
Minimum Salary of INR 38,000 /- per month
Work for US Doctors in real-time
Minimum starting monthly salary of Rs.38,000 post on job training.

Program Structure

Certificate Program in Medical Scribing is a 9 months,
3 level certification program.



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