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CPMS® is an industry integrated job-oriented training program which covers the fundamental knowledge needed to become a medical scribe. Our CPMS Medical Scribe program prepares students to perform specific entry-level skills and verify knowledge required for the job. They acquire basic knowledge of medical terminology, anatomy, and physiology.

It is a three-level certification course offered by New Generation Jobs with a duration of 11 months. Upon successful completion of this training program, students will be awarded a certificate as a Medical Scribe Specialist.


Anybody who has Pre-University / Higher Secondary / 10+2 or equivalent examination from any recognized Board or Council in any discipline. Fresher or Experienced any can apply

Duration 10 Months
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Course Structure

Duration- Total 4 Months or 616 Class hours which includes 22 days (7 class hours per day) of classroom training
  • Language of medicine
  • English Grammar & Americanisms
  • Medical coding - ICD + CPT/EDM
  • Typing

Students should successfully complete a minimum of 616 hours of training at a CPMS India Member Institute, to be eligible to attempt the first level. certification test (FLC Test).

Duration- 2 Months Tentatively
  • Medical Scribing Essentials
  • Audio + Typing
  • Video + Typing

The training of the second level certification happens at the recruiting partner's facility located in Bangalore. During this period, the students shall be paid stipend of Rs.15,000/- per month.

Duration- Duration 3 Months Tentatively

This level is also known as "Shadowing" happens at the recruiting partner's facility located in Bangalore. The stipends paid to students during this period shall be Rs.15,000/- per month.


The second and third levels are more criteria oriented, and hence shall be customized and varied based on individual students. The students are required to pass the certification test at each level to progress to the next level.

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